>Happy Birthday Julia!


Today is the birthday of our Julia, Myeung-Ju Kim.

She was our exchange student, who lived with us for two years and became a part of our extended family. She feels like one of our kids, although she has her own very loving family in Korea too. We are her “American family.”
She was in the same graduating class as Buddybug, though she liked to remind him she was a bit older than he. I think we count her as 20 today, although in Korea the count seems to be ahead, 22? (Help me Julia, I always mess this up, it’s so confusing.)
She made many friends here in America and still keeps in touch with them as well, even now as she is in her second year of college in Korea and doing very well.Julia was crazy for fashion and food and friends. She loved to travel and to eat and to sing and dance. She loved to jump on the trampoline and play with the littler kids. She loves pictures and movies. No surprise, she knows three languages and is working on her fourth, Japanese.
We hope she has a wonderful happy day with her grandma and family. We hope all her birthday wishes come true. And Julia honey, if you are reading this, if I could I would make you spaghetti and carrot cake and we would light the candles and sing.

Happy Birthday Julia, we love you!
Our bday wishes and prayers for you are zinging across the world.
Happy Birthday Myeung-Ju!

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