>Just in case you didn’t know…


No kidding, who knew? Well Deacon Greg knew, go here to read another good homily. It’s not a Catholic holiday, it’s a secular commemoration. Even so, in 1993, his Holiness, Pope John Paul II, imparted his Apostolic Blessings on World Marriage Day

I think marriage is a long wonderful hard thing. It is a constant work in progress. And while I could post pics of our wedding (though I would have to scan them, being pre-digital and all…) really, that is not what this commemoration brings to my mind. Because marriage isn’t just about the vows, though they are an amazing sacrament. Marriage is about the living, the being there. Each one is different. No one marriage is anywhere near perfect; no fairy tale. Marriage is an boatload of work and has eras, epochs even. So, here are a just a couple of pics that show marriage, literally in my book (and if I had had one of him replacing my broken kitchen faucet, I would’a posted it, cause that would have totally made the cut for this post!).

Marriage is living loving life together, sometimes more, sometimes less.
But it’s not quitting and it’s being there, really there. No matter what.So if there is a day to honor it, by all means, lets!
Can we have champagne, cake?
Any which way you like, it’s worth a pause and a small moment of cheer, don’t ya think?