>First Garden


This is what we did last weekend: finished my veggie garden, a kitchen garden!
Coffeedoc made the lovely raised beds from found wood (by which I mean, free! yay!).
My brother and the boys and Coffeedoc all worked hard to put in the edging and fence and pea gravel, in between downpours.
I got to do the fun part: planting and placing my Mary statue to “watch” over the veggies.
(Right then, just to clarify: I don’t think the statue is real, it just makes me happy to have and see this little statue in my garden with my veggies and flowers, ok? Good then, happy to clarify further if needed, just email please.)
It’s my first ‘real’ garden, instead of only pots.
It makes me ridiculously happy.
Thanks guys!

{And yeah, I know, Michelle Obama has one now too….
so hey, Michelle, give me a call, just one more thing we can chat about…
kids, TB protocols, organic gardening…it’ll be fun!}

14 thoughts on “>First Garden

  1. >Your garden is beautiful! I love the raised bed. Gardening is what keeps me sane. It was the one thing my mom and shared and bonded over before she passed away….It’s very therapeutic! I hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine.p.s. keep us posted if you hear from the First Lady…..

  2. >I am so motivated to do the same. Let’s see if I can get it off the ground this year! Good work coffeedoc, and boys. It is beautiful.

  3. >VERY nice garden! We too forgot that it was “Memorial Day Weekend” instead of “Labor Day” (just kidding – we honor and respect those that fight for our freedoms). Our “free” was limestone and they were HEAVY! We now have a nice patio and place for my dad to park his RV after we return from our vacation. Thanks for sharing – I love Mary watching over your garden!

  4. >Nice work! I am jealous. We have way too many trees to have a decent garden space, unless I grew one in my front yard, but that seems a bit strange.We did plant some upside down tomato plants in our one good area of full sunshine (well sort of) so we will see what the bounty is.Have talking chatting with the first lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. >How did I miss this post?!? The garden is amazing and beautiful! What a great vision come to life.I hope it provides you with a peaceful place to visit and work and enjoy.Rebecca


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