>I do, too. Every day.


May is the month of Mary, and the rosary.
I would challenge you to try it if you don’t already.

It’s probably the best thing I do every day, even when I don’t do the best one ever.
Doing this makes every day just a little better, on all levels. Period.
So. Yeah.
I pray the rosary.

3 thoughts on “>I do, too. Every day.

  1. >So darn cool! Loved the songs, and love my perpetual 54 day Rosary Novenas. Love May and LOVE Mother Mary. Thanks! Not sure if the link below helps. This was sent to me by our agency since we are in the middle of our adoption from Ethiopia. To be honest, I haven’t even opened it yet so maybe you are the one who created it??? God bless your family here and abroad.schmeez@hotmail.comhttp://www.equalityforadoptedchildren.org/


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