>Shouting for joy for friends



It’s finally happened!!!
Go, see, congratulate the Fournet family, pop champagne, throw confetti, toot some horns.
We are doing cartwheels here!!!!

They deserve every bit of celebration, around the world….surely the saints and angels too are rejoicing for this great gift today.
They have waited over a year to pass court, enduring the disappointments and excruciating wait beyond what most of us could ever manage (certainly not me!).
And they did it with grace and steadfast faith.

I am beyond thrilled for them. This is big big news. Go, see, shout, congratulate them. I know, I want to shout for each person who passes court. But some, some elicit a louder whoop when they wait so very long and through such hardship. I can’t help it, I hope their comment box simply overflows with joy. They deserve it. Yippee!!! Those babies are coming home!

3 thoughts on “>Shouting for joy for friends

  1. >Indeed, Michele! I don't think I would have shown the grace that the Fournet family exhibited over the last year. I would think about them and look at Dagim, here with me, while they still waited and it broke my heart. I'm so happy for them! And those twins are darling!


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