>Feast of the Holy Trinity


By El Greco

Today is the feast of the Holy Trinity.
Now this is one of those Mysteries (one of the “Capital M” mysteries…by which I mean, truth that is just too big for our puny brains to fully comprehend): the Trinity.
But for a good piece on it, one that helps me just begin to grasp the concept and why today is worth a pause and thought or two, go here.

All I know is that I am grateful for the Trinity, I believe in the Trinity, because it just makes sense in a way – even though it scrambles my mind at the same time.
Love needs to love Someone and their love is SO much, SO intense, that it creates a whole ‘nother being: Love. That’s just cool. Again, Fr. Ranier Cantalamessa says it best (being a preacher to the papal household and all):

“In every love there are always three realities or subjects:
one who loves, one who is loved and the love that unites them.”
Holy Trinity Icon.

Go love someone and celebrate!