>Feast of Corpus Christi

>It’s the feast of Corpus Christi: the Body of Christ.
It’s one of the greatest Mysteries of the faith, capital “M” mystery again…one of those that boggle and baffle the mind. One of those you belief or you don’t. Period.
I do.

It’s the Eucharist. The body of Christ. It’s a gift, a sacrament, it’s utterly holy and sacred and, at the same time, the most intimate thing on earth.

I can’t do this justice of course. To read more about this, with historical support, go here.
To read a good piece on how to bring together your mind, heart and senses on this, go here.

All I know is that I like thinking about connections a lot. You know that. I like that whole connected relational brought together linked adopted bonded sense in (my) life. I see it so many places that it gives me chills if I stop to think about it. And that is what I find to the utmost, mindblowing, heart zinging way in the sacrament of Communion and the Eucharist: the most intimate connection and unity that can be. Ever – in this world. And I yearn for it and reach for it and I sink into it with relief and gratitude and wallowing comfort and gratitude.
And I don’t understand it with my mind.
But my heart and soul know it’s more real than anything else.
John 6

“Institution of the Eucharist,” painting by Nicolas Poussin

2 thoughts on “>Feast of Corpus Christi

  1. >hi, thanks so much for having your husband call my husband sooooo quickly, what a blessing! we now feel empowered to do something, rather than sit around and wait hopelessly, we are praying for july 5th, can't wait to see photos of your daughter homecoming, many blessings to you and your family!tara

  2. >Happy feast day — thanks for a nice reflection and post. I'll have to visit your links later. I had the opportunity to cantor at Mass this morning, and it was very meaningful. Some great music for this great feast!God bless the rest of your week,Laura


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