>The adoption process: what they don’t tell you about coming to America

>Well, there are SO many things that you cannot know before you move to America.
However, what they forget to tell you, or us new parents (tho, really, we should know better), is that there is a steep learning curve. NO, you hear and read and learn about the cultural learning curve and the language and family customs…and all those will be topics of posts to come, I am sure.

But “those experts” don’t lay out the VIRAL LEARNING CURVE.

It’s the same formula as starting school -its a new math:
New people + new food + new place = EVERY virus hits!

Every single virus and contagion that comes down the pike is gonna hit the new kid, flat.
It’s like starting a new school in a new state.
It’s like being a pediatric resident the first few years.
It’s like visiting relatives who live across the country.
It takes a bit of time to inoculate your immune system against all the garden variety American bugs and viruses. So, since we have a “gulfa” in the house….so does Marta. Gabey did this too.
I guess I just forgot.
So, America doesn’t only come with birthdays and ice cream…it comes with head colds.
{Consider this a public service announcement, from one adoptive mom to another. You’re welcome.}

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