>It’s all about the hair. Always.

>I now have four, count them, FOUR girls living in my house.
Four daughters. Four girls who’s hormones are in full kick…even the younger ones.

Think about it. Really. Think what this means: four teenage girls under one roof at the same time. I can feel more gray hairs sprouting even as I type.

And that is how it goes, because really, it’s all about the hair. All the time. It’s the hair.

This concept baffles Coffeedoc. But it’s true. For girls, it’s all hair, all the time.

An inordinate amount of time attention and expense is put to hair. Discussion, comparison, griping, squabbling over products and tools, dreaming of styles, pondering changes or not….it’s all hair. Consuming. The mere mention some days can bring on grins or tears….again baffling Coffeedad.
But there you have it. This can be considered a public service announcement.
For a teen, or preteen girl…when in doubt or confusion about what’s going on – it’s the hair.
You’re welcome.