>Go Irish!

>And so it begins….College football, I mean. And I was never a fan or followed it, not really. But now, my Buddybug is at college, and its a LOT more fun. In fact these pics were shamelessly snagged from his post on the football season. Go read it, he is much better with sports than I am and oh he loves his teams.

Anyhow, today is the first game, a home game against Nevada. We are supposed to win! And we, here at home are going to be watching and shouting, rooting for the Irish and also scanning the crowd shots for the one in 80,000 (Yeah, you read that right, big stadium!) chance of seeing my boy {Don’t judge me, it may sound pathetic, but I miss him. It’s a mom thing and I can’t help it}.

I love watching Notre Dame football now and am hoping for a great fun winning season. ‘Cause yeah, I like to win. It’s the BIG event of the weekend up there, for sure. And down here in our little house its the big event as well! Got my ND t-shirt on…we are so excited!

Last year at the ND v. Stanford game, big fun (and Bananas begging to go again).

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