>Happy Bday BuddyBug! TWO decades!!?!


This is pic from his 13th bday.
The last time I could hug him, head to head.
He now towers over me.

Happy Happy Birthday to my first baby, now TWENTY years old.
I cannot believe it.

You all know BuddyBug, sort of, virtually at any rate, if not in person.
What can I say? I’m his mom, he was my first child, I gave birth to him two weeks early in a scheduled c-section because he was upside down and wouldn’t turn around. I had no idea, a hint maybe, but really, NO clue he would forever turn my universe upside down. I had NO idea then how deeply you could really love a person; how being a mom completely transforms who you are at the very core.
But, enough about me.
Today is about him.
He is almost officially an adult.
But he has changed so much in the past few years that I see much more the adult in him than the little boy that once was.
But now and then I still get a glimpse of that shy observant happy kid.

His music bridges his whole life, from his toy piano in our front alcove way back in the Palisades…to the living room (called the “piano room”) that is filled with music of all stripes: piano, multiple guitars, stands, old second hand violin, cords, picks, sheet music. A strewed reminder of my boy.
He is steady. His demeanor and personality even as a small boy was to be calm and observant, thought-full. Maybe too much so, overthinking simple things, commonly struggling with decisions (ahem…Buddybug!).

A rabid sports fan, favorite channel ESPN, period. Ever.
Sports, music, liturgy, graham cracker cream pie…these are his top loves, in no particular order.
Faithful. In all ways. Loyal to his friends “to a fault” as they say.
Tardy, terrible time manager.
Distractable and optimistically procrastinating, always, perhaps forever.

Ah. This is my son.
My twenty year old son.

All the cliches ring true:
“How did this happen so fast?”
“Time flies!”
“He was just my baby a few days ago, wasn’t he?”
“He’s still my baby boy.”
“He’s a fine young man.”
“I’m not quite ready for this.”
“I SO like who he has grown into.”
“We are so very very proud.”

Happy Happy Birthday BuddyBug!
I so wish I could give you a birthday hug in person.
But you have all my thoughts prayers and wishes today.
We all love you, so much, all twenty years of you!

2 thoughts on “>Happy Bday BuddyBug! TWO decades!!?!

  1. >Oh, Michele, that was beautiful!Thank you for sharing this, I know he will cherish it. I giggled through your descriptions. You make procrastination sound like an art. My "artistic" daughter will thank you.I didn't realize he went to Notre Dame. Around here, lots of folks go there, but since our family is a Univ. of Michigan family, they aren't too fond.Take care!


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