>Happy Bday to Our Gabriel!


Our Gabriel Louis Tariku is 3 today!
And a very happy 3 year old is he!

He has been home with us now, from Ethiopia, for just about eighteen months.

That time has flown, because we are having FUN!
He is a funny quirky smiling wild sweet boy.
He loves his mama, that’s me!
Ok, he loves the rest of the family too, but I relish that beaming love coming my way.
His best friend in the world is his big brother, Little Man.
They tumble like puppies throughout the house, all day long.
It makes us crazy sometimes.
Gabey will launch flying tackles at Little Man, who is twice his size.
Unfazed if he misses, laughing if he brings him down…up again for the chase.

Our Gabey Baby….not such a baby anymore:
Crazy for dinosaurs, but a little bit scared of the dark.
Crazy for chocolate and will sniff it out, find it, and gobble it up before you can blink or take it away.

Crazy fast for a little guy with such short legs.
Crazy for cars and trucks and balls.
Crazy in love with our old retriever; kind of torturing her with his overdose of affection.
Crazy about our cranky old cat: he is our “cat whisperer.”

Funny faces and a big huge laugh
And frankly, the loudest kid we’ve ever had, and that’s really saying something to beat Bananas.

A nudist for now, unwilling to keep clothes on of any sort, despite the dipping temps.
A destroyer of worlds, everything in his path left in post tornado levels.
A climber, a jumper, a daredevil…I’m a little worried about this one.

Gabey is my cuddly little guy, wanting and needing me to cuddle him to sleep and I can’t resist (this is how you spoil your last one).
He is cute and knows it, and works it.
He has never met a stranger, makes friends with everyone.

He is talking a mile a minute now, quoting Shakespeare and lengthy passages from novels.
Ok, maybe not quite, but sounds like.
He is stubborn, strong willed, relentless in his badgering for an answer.
We feel these skills will come in handy someday….just need much channeling now!

Our Gabriel.  
It’s your birthday!

That means Mickey Mouse cake and hoopla, because you LOVE Mickey Mouse.
And your favorite food other than chocolate: pizza (because I’m nixing the fries).


We wish you a happy happy third birthday, our Gabriel.
We love you so very much!!!!

6 thoughts on “>Happy Bday to Our Gabriel!

  1. >Awwwww Happy Happy Happy day!!!!!!! LOVED THIS POST! It's HILARIOUS he's so loud because in ET, I had never seen such SILENCE. He was saving it all up for you guys …. his amazing family!!! Love you guys! ~Shelly

  2. >i love him already! i would love to visit your family and just sit in the corner and watch the commotion. I love commotion. it is so family and that i love. Gab is adorable. what a wonderful mom you are Michelle. you can tell i am in the i wish i had more children empty nesting part of life. But there are many people in our church to love so God has just opened up the doors for lots of time to love them! 🙂


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