Baptism of Christ, painting by Juan Fernandez de Navarrete.
This marks the end of the Christmas season.  Our tree came down today.  (The lights on the house will soon follow…no, really).  The nativity sets and ornaments packed away safely in tissue, the stockings gathered and stowed.  
Tomorrow begins Ordinary Time.  And, I’m ready.  It’s time.  
So, for today, Pope Benedict says it best:
“This…is the mystery of baptism; God desired to save us by going to the bottom of this abyss himeself so that every person, even those who have fallen so low that they can no longer percieve heaven, may find God’s hand to cling to and rise from the darkness to see once again the light for which he or she was made.”
Whew.  The best gift of Christmas.  
Don’t let go.


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