>Radio, oh, oh! Updated w/ link

>Well, sometimes life throws you a curveball. Sometimes it’s a crazy or hard one, and sometimes it’s a crazy or fun one! Today I just caught a curve ball…but this one is fun!

Yup, who’da thunk it?
I’m gonna be on the radio today!
Now it’s just a small, quick flash….maybe a minute or two, but even that has me very much a little bit nervous and excited both.
So who’d want to talk to me? Well, apparently Catholic Charities New York on Sirius/XM radio does, for a brief moment!
The weekly interview show, “Just Love” with Monsignor Kevin Sullivan has a brief bit in the beginning of lighter topics and they asked me to talk with the very nice Marianna Macri a bit about the whole “mom blog” thing.  I guess, I’m Catholic, I’ve got a blog, and I”m a mom – fits the ticket! And well you all know me, I will always talk if someone asks me to! So I said yes, and now I pray I don’t sound like a dolt.  Besides, I love Catholic Charities, they all do such great work and so I’m always on board for pretty much whatever they ask!

So, if you’re interested, it’s around 1:10-15 or so, eastern time.  Sirius Radio channel 159, or XM 117 or online.  It’ll either be good, or a really great way for God to make sure I never get too prideful, eh? Throw a prayer my way if you are of the mind to, so that I at least speak in intelligible sentences.  Whoa.

Msgr Kevin Sullivan, on “Just Love”.

UPDATED: I did it! It was great fun and they were so nice! I blathered a bit as I tend to do….sorry! But maybe the best part was that my mom called me IMMEDIATELY afterward, and she told me she listened to the whole thing (to my great surprise) and that she thought I did great.  Aw, what a good mom, but she MADE MY DAY.  Because I am still six.  Even so, I love my mom and this was fun.  
Here’s the link, I come on the show around ten minutes in, but the whole show is worth a listen of course.  Catholic Charities folks are always a good bet for a great conversation!

5 thoughts on “>Radio, oh, oh! Updated w/ link

  1. >OK, Done! It was pretty fun! I was SOO nervous, but it was ok, except that I talked too much (what a surprise, sigh). Well, that's me…I suppose that's the way it goes. But Monsignor was VERY nice and so was Marianna (But I knew that already). But best of all, my MOM called me! She listened and that made my day!whew

  2. >Hi Michele, thank you so much for joining us on the air today! It was wonderful to have you on JustLove, and you were a truly delightful, informative guest. (Thanks also for the on-the-ground flood check-in from Nashville.) Perhaps we can talk to you again on the air some other time — perhaps about late-childhood adoption. It's a cause that's very close to our heart at Catholic Charities New York.- Marianna Macri

  3. >Zoe! Whoa, thank you,that makes me feel good because now I'm getting that whole "ack' feeling about it all. Must learn to talk in short sentences. ha! You're a kind soul.


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