>Pomp and Circumstance


We had a big weekend around the Coffeehouse.  
My boy, my Booboo…Jon…graduated from high school!

Which means we had a weekend of celebration and sniffling up a few happy tears but mostly grinning from ear to ear that he did it, and he did it well! We are so proud of him, happy and excited for him.  He is now ready to rocket into a future of big adventures. 

Here are the pics. These are from the beautiful (My favorite part of the graduation ceremonies) Baccalaureate Mass, then from Graduation itself (venue change from flooded Opryland to the Belmont Curb Event Center).  I’ll save the most of the commentary except to say, it was once again pouring all day on Sunday, (changing the fashion choices and making us all a tad bedraggled) and that this graduation was special, of course.  But they are a really great group of  kids and this bunch has one of those rare group friendships that is a gift to all.  And, last but never least, this boy, my son…he makes my heart burst. 

Friday night. Before the Baccalaureate Mass….excited and happy for my son (and he cleans up well!).  Marta was giddy over the thrill of  her first graduation weekend of hoopla and for her adored big brother.

After, proud happy parents, happy Jon.

After the Baccalaureate Mass, with a few sisters.
 Sunday: The real thing, shaking Bishop’s hand and getting the diploma! Hooray!
(thanks Marcie/Fred for the pic, those seats paid off!)

We have a bona fide graduate! 
Shaking hands with the Headmaster, Faustin Weber. 

First steps out into the world, 
girlfriend Leslie and good friend Gabriella.

Jon, with cigar (a nod to tradition/dad), channeling his inner Columbo….

Jon and my goddaughter Olivia, priceless.