>Clown Cars, Italian Style

>******NOTE: yes this is a travel post. But to any bad guys out there, while we are in Italy my big burly brother with anger issues is staying at my house, plus well trained guard dogs.  So, look somewhere else for your poor decisions.******

Today we are traveling from Rome to Tuscany. 
Which means we have to rent cars. 
Which  means we have to rent two cars. 
Which means we have to try to cram all eleven of us plus luggage into two cars, for a number of hours. 
Which means Tom and I have to each drive a car….on Italian roads…possibly into Rome! 
Which means I will be hoping that the owner of our villa greets us with some good Tuscan red. 

Which means we could use your prayers today:
for safe travel on the wild Italian roads
and also for peace and serenity with our sure to be squabbly kids who are stuffed into these two cars.  Sort of like a clown act at the circus. 
But without the funny wigs. 

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