>Frosh Retreat: high school sister edition


So last week, Thursday and Friday, Hannah and Marta had their frosh-o retreat. 

All the freshman and transfers to their high school went to the Boxwell Boy Scout Camp and had all sorts of fun and daring events, culminating in the pics above of the time honored tradition: box boat races.  Boxboats made by teams; one that goes farthest before sinking wins bragging rights for the year. 

It’s a fun hot kooky couple of days but the teachers and new students all get to know each other and it’s bonding.  Temps in the high 90’s and humidity the same, plus a quick downpour or two, mosquitos and lake water is the fodder for memories and the beginning of a class bond.  Even Marta was able to go and have fun, despite her nerves at the new unknown. 

So a big time was had by all.  Real school begins Wednesday….we can’t wait!
big thanks to Lori Jones for all the pics!

1 thought on “>Frosh Retreat: high school sister edition

  1. >Wednesday, say it isn't so? Really? We just got back from our family vacation and your kids are heading back to school. Honeybee and Dimples begin in three weeks. The homeschoolers among us are going to start one week later.I've been blog-less for a few weeks and it is nice stop by your "place" to say hello.Lisa


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