>Retro Mama


Sylvia Sue….

This is my mom…in one of the pics of her that I love.
Love this outfit in all it’s retro coolness!
And the reason that I’m looking at it today is that today is my mom’s birthday!!
Yup, that’s right, it’s a birthday again!
And it’s hers…which means I get to wish her a wonderful happy bday, and all her bday wishes come true.
She is beautiful, inside and out.
And while we both now agree and discuss how aging is a um…bear…..I say she is still beautiful. 
More so now than ever in many ways as her heart has grown in wise kindness and my understanding of her has too. 

She has and has always had a heart for the kids and puppies and the little ones.  That’s her above (w/ my little bro behind her) at the house I grew up at in Arizona with our two labs, Nip and Tuck.  (I know…Dad named them, what can I say…great dogs tho…)

This is mom with my sister Nancy….another cool skirt and a great shot of my sis.  Who knew my mom was such a fashion coolio with all the terrific skirts (we clearly share a love for a funky skirt…)

And this amazing pic is my mom, when SHE was a little one.  Wow.  I could stare at this pic for hours…her artistic side, her creative flair, her stubborn independent streak, her opinionated passion…it’s all here.  And so, too, her practical logic too – note the hat and coat.  This in a funny goofy way, is my retro mom….from so long ago, to the wonderful her now…it’s always been there and I know always will be. I like to think that some of my best traits, came from her…I wish I had that fashion flair above! 
I love her and miss her, and today, on this special day, I’m wishing her the happiest of days.

Cowboy fabulousness family photo (I’ve got my eyes shaded); 
mom is, as ever, the hub.  Good times!
Happy Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you – ok, we ALL love you so.

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