>Happy Bday Hannah Banana!

>My first daughter, Hannah Banana is fifteen today!
Oh My Goodness!
I know, I know, I say it all the time, but really, ya just don’t get used to it..this whole kid getting older thing. I mean, you DO, but  you don’t.
Not me, anyhow.

Then again, she is an amazing fifteen!
My Hannah.
She is dragging me today to the driver’s station to take that test, of course.
And I will let her drag me and hope she will pass the test, and I suspect she will.
Because she is smart, and what’s more, she has a good feel for the road and the car (in the few parking lot sessions we’ve  had). 
That said, I can’t even look ahead to sixteen and on the road, because it makes me a nervous wreck.  But that’s next year’s post! So, back to this day, this momentous day.

Hannah was our first daughter, hence, our entire universe and understanding of same was rocked that morning she came into the world! Indeed, the heavens opened up and clapped thunder and lightening  to announce her arrival.  We should’a taken it as a sign, no?  Yes.  Because this sweet fifteen year old girl is all about taking the world by storm.  She is a drama queen in all the good ways, and only a few of the not so good ways….(but it’s all her age and I’m quite sure she will grow right out of that…..)..and always has been.

Our Hannah is big-hearted, beautiful, loud, wonderful, moody, smart, strong-willed and just plain good.
She loves her school and her friends to distraction, literally.

She loves to cheer and loves her squad.
She loves to sing and play music.

She loves to sun and swim and boat.
She loves the beach, maybe more than anywhere else.

She loves to text and talk and text some more.
She loves to watch bad tv and stay up late.
She loves to go to the movies, almost any movie we will allow, any time we will allow.
She hates when we don’t allow her to go to movies.
She thinks we are too strict.

She is almost at the point of “knowing everything.”
 But not quite.
However, she is at the point now of “texting everything.”

She loves to read and can get lost in books, just like her mama.

She loves a rollercoaster, then and now.
She loves to cook, sometimes, and sometimes, loves to invent new yummy recipes.
She is a terrific and loyal friend.

She is a terrific and loyal sister.
She is a terrific and loyal daughter.

She is artistic and creative and loves art and music.
She is a terrible mess in her room and her things; organization is not her strong suit.

She loves to travel and see the world, like her dad.
She loves her faith and is courageous in defending it.
She loves to debate, anything, from current events to apologetics, or fashion or curfew.
She is opinionated and really, couldn’t be anything otherwise, coming from this gene set.
She is not shy, she is extroverted, outgoing and blows my mind at that.
She could be called a wee bit headstrong.
She is a talker, like me, which can be a blessing or a curse (as I know so well).

She worries her brother – that she will become the standard modern teen diva.
But I know better, she is not that.
She is more.
My Hannah blows me away with her integrity and compassion and willingness to step outside the box…..and I can’t wait to see what she grows into as she truly comes into her truest self.
She is well on her way.
And her dad and I couldn’t be more proud.

 So today on her birthday, we both want her to know how proud we are of her, and how very much, we love her.

And that, yes, the drivers testing station is open til five.

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