>Song for a Sunday

>Well, I have a shameless Mom brag today…

My Hannahboo made the Freshman Honors Choir for our region.  Auditions were Friday. Despite the choir teacher’s concerns about Hannah “distressing her voice” through her cheer practices and despite Hannah actually distressing her voice from just being too loud screaming at the pep rally on Friday (not even as a cheerleader..this was a football rally, she is a basketball cheerleader, to be precise…), and perhaps being a touch less prepared than she should have been (by which I mean, the auditions snuck up on her and she hadn’t practiced), she made the choir!

I’m so proud and happy for her!
Now, it’s not too big a deal, one performance in November. But it’s great experience at having to sing in front of real people, not just our empty living room at the piano.  She’s great at that and sounds great playing that piano and singing her pop songs…but for real, in public, and classical choral music? That’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

Of course, now she says we have to go shopping for the outfit.
Hmmm, somehow it always comes back to the clothes doesn’t it?
Such a girl.

Anyhow, this is  a happy tidbit for a hopefully peaceful Sunday at home.
Music from audition, not HER, but the piece that they had to sing, below.
Perfect for a Sunday.
I love Sundays.