>Weekend Plans – Youth 2000


This is where we are going this weekend.  The Owensboro venue.  I’m taking Hannah, Marta, and three of Hannah’s good girl buddies.  I took the girls last year, and they begged to go again this year.  So, we go. It’s exhausting and wonderful and uplifting and just awesome coolness for a weekend.  It brings these kids out of themselves and breaks down barriers of “too cool for you.”  It makes old parental backsides sore and forces us to find ways to score a caffeine IV drip.  But it’s worth it.  To connect with these special kids and to have them connect to each other and to Christ, it’s worth it, all of it.  And the Franciscans who run this…well, they are simply awesome.

Keep us in your prayers if you’re of a mind to, hitting the road.


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