>Dear St. Joseph


Sculpture by Dony McManus

It’s the feast of St. Joseph!
I’m so excited.
I love a feast, everything about it..food, fest, fete, remembering, commemorating, celebrating…it’s all the good stuff wrapped up into that one word, isn’t it? FEAST.  Yay.  We Catholics, we love a feast!
It’s also of course, the end of the novena, which is always good.
I’m reposting some of this from last year because I am just not good enough to redo my words and thoughts, no room in my brain to rephrase my ideas just for novelty’s sake.
But I will point out one shift, for me, with regard to this particular saint: I’m working hard this  year on getting closer to dear St. Joseph.
I feel the need to cling to him, in particular, in prayer and my heart and I’ve entrusted our family to his prayers and intercession this year.  This year, in particular, and perhaps all years ahead, we need, I need, to lean on and go to St. Joseph. Not trying to be cryptic, but just so you know I have a particular need to grow closer to St Joseph, and fast, and this year is the year our relationship takes a turn for the closer.  It must. I need him. 

Anyhow, more on all that later.  A year before I also did a post on this great saint, on his feast day.  And since I can’t redo my words or thoughts, and still don’t really want to, please go here to get a bit on dear St. Joseph.  As my mind continues to decline and muddle, best to return to my older posts that might be a bit more um, clear…..always!  

Anyhow, the year before I wrote all about my adoption links and issues with St. Joseph.  Not HIM actually, but rather others perception of him.  I mean, give the guy some cred! He’s the dad!  Ok…I begin to digress. Go read my post if you have a spark of curiosity about him and all this from an adoptive perspective.  

This year, again, I just want and need to think about dear St. Joseph.  As a faithful humble man, who served his God, his family, his child and community.  He didn’t get a lot of attention for it, except for some seriously negative opinions and sniping in the beginning of it all regarding his bride…..  So he didn’t get the kudos, he didn’t get the understanding.  He was and is still misunderstood.  But, and here is the key for me: he didn’t stand up and correct everyone and make sure they understood just what he was doing.  He didn’t.  
He just went ahead and did the next thing, lived and loved deeply as the dad.  
Every day.  
In his little town, doing his regular job, no status, no notice, no blog.  
Just, day to day, keeping on.  

So, I wonder.  He was  human.  Did he ever want to stand up on one of those tables he made (sturdy, no doubt) and holler at his little townspeople or neighbors, “Hey, I know you have all sorts of ideas about what is going on, but you’re wrong.  I love her.  I love him.  He’s special.  Yeah, God told me it’s ok, it’s right even.  So. Stop judging.  It’s SO much more than you know.”  Ya think???? Ok, probably not.  But, I wonder sometimes.  He’s a saint, but he was human.  He’s a saint not because God made him extra perfect and different than us.  He’s a saint because he was faithful, even when he didn’t understand.  

Michael O’Brien, St. Joseph
And that, that is like a whack in the head to me.
He was faithful, even when he didn’t – couldn’t – understand.  Because it all didn’t make sense.  But he still accepted.  And gave in to this plan.  And did what he was called to do.  And he didn’t whine and whinge on about it all.  He just did it.  Every day.  Every night.  As long as he was called to do it.  And that, I struggle with that.  Every day lately.  Because I always fall into the narcissistic trap of “it’s all about me.”  I don’t think St. Joseph did that.  Which blows my mind.  

So yeah,  he’s one of my heroes.  He’s still misunderstood.  But, he has much to teach me. Especially now.  

St. Joseph, pray for us!
Happy Feast Day!