>My Baby Bro, Happy Bday!


The quintessential John as a boy

 Happy Happy Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day to my dearest baby brother!
John is 45 today, which means I’m getting old.
But so is he and for the record, he is grayer than I am!
But even so, he is still cuter and has those eyes that sparkle and laugh, to go along with his crooked goofy grin and his razor sharp wit.

I miss him so, but I know he’s having a great day surrounded by his gorgeous wonderful wife and two beautiful brilliant daughters, not to mention sparkling blue water, tropical palms and no doubt some great breaks as he heads out to surf this morning.
He’s in Micronesia, still.  But to our great familial joy, and my parents relief and giddy exhales, he is coming home.  His family returns for good in only a few days and we are all counting down to the moment they get to go hug on them at the airport.

John and I were always partners in crime, play, you name it.  We were “the little kids,” which we now lord over our older siblings with relentless pleasure.
I was terribly jealous of him while I was young, because he was the baby and ridiculously cute and was terribly spoiled and I couldn’t stand it.

 I was spoiled too, as the  youngest girl, but I didn’t understand that then.  Now, having many kids of my own, I get it.  It’s the baby thing.
And John was and is the baby and favorite in the family.

 It can’t be helped, we all accept it now..and admit it’s just true.
Even though I was terribly jealous and imagined great suffering because of him, he could and still can make me laugh harder than anyone I know.  He makes me laugh until I cry and one of my favorite things is when all of us kids can get together and reminisce around the kitchen table, start telling stories which get bigger and more um, vivid, with every telling.  Soon enough we are hooting and wiping tears.  Great stuff.

So, today he’s on my mind and in  my prayers and I wish him a last tropical blast of a birthday.
I love you so much John, I miss you and wish you safe swift travels home.
Catch some great waves and I can’t wait to see  you soon.

My new favorite pic of him, ever.
 Happy Happy Birthday Little Bro!
I love you!


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