Worth a Look: Interview on retro-modern intersection of culture & art

This is an interview that I saw on the Dominican blog.  Yeah, I visit there often nowadays….

Anyhow, this artist is the one that I really like. I have used an image of his St. Joseph sculpture twice for St. Joseph’s feast day. Because it’s really gorgeous. Interesting to be able to see an interview with him and he’s worth a watch/listen. He’s got some good points and is doing some interesting stuff. Making a new difference perhaps in the world of art and culture for our modern times, in his own retro fashion. Good stuff, and a nice breather for this week. Go, see, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Worth a Look: Interview on retro-modern intersection of culture & art

    • Thanks dina! I love the intersection of art and faith, sacred spaces, thinking about all of that… Love what he’s doing over there.

  1. I have to delurk to say what a great video! So inspiring as someone who is involved in the arts and Theology of the Body through theatre in particular. What an interesting artist and it’s inspired me in my work again to work to change culture… I have been reading your blog for a while – not quite sure how I came to find you originally but appreciate your honesty and I have found your writing comforting and inspiring as I raise my son in the Catholic faith (I’m a single mum) . I’ll be praying for your son as he discerns his call – what a journey for your whole family!! God bless, Lizzie (London, UK)


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