He’s In.

The word is out, it’s not so much a surprise, but he’s in.

My son has been accepted to the Eastern Province of the Dominican Order of St. Joseph as a novice for this summer.

My son is entering the Dominican Seminary.
We will take him up to the Novitiate on July 25.
It is rushing at us, at warp speed.
So many changes, for him, for us.
So  much to say and process, but for now, we will rejoice for him.
He is so happy, when he called to tell me the news, his voice was full and just happy.
He is relieved a bit too, he wasn’t worried but it’s always nice to have it settled as well.

Now we plan, and he works to prepare himself.
There are many parts to that, but for now, we all just want to announce the acceptance and say “Deo Gratias.”
My Chris is a Dominican to be.
Officially, beginning in July, a “Novice.”
A new friend told me I’m now a “Dominican Mama” and have just inherited many more sons.
I”m good with that.
And I love thinking about it like that too….I’m not losing my son, I’m gaining so many more.

Obviously, this post was written a bit ago.  His progress through this Aspiring and Application process was months long.  But to progress through it on my blog I chose weeks…because I’ve gotta get to MY processing of it all.  Because,  you know, it’s always all about me me me.  Ahem….. And of course, all with his permission.



5 thoughts on “He’s In.

  1. Congratulations! I am a little envious, hoping very much that at least one of my four boys will be drawn to religious life eventually (for all the trouble they give me now as young boys!).

  2. What a wonderful blesssing for our church. I have been praying for him and you ever since I started reading this series of posts…you must be so proud!


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