For a Monday: “Fix You.”

To start the week off right:

My girl.  Can’t see  her face well enough to suit me, but I still like hearing her sing….

{production note: the girl playing violin is her friend  Jacqui Ramos, a very talented musician and nice girl.  This was the school talent show at end of March….but it seems that there was a production glitch in the upload and the song plays twice though.  So, if you love it, by all means, listen twice; otherwise, it’s only actually 5-ish mins long, not 10, don’t panic}

7 thoughts on “For a Monday: “Fix You.”

  1. Loveit! Hannah has a strong, folksy voice that is very pleasant to listen to. As for that blogging…do it for you…and then we’ll all benefit from your efforts…OK? Got it? Good! –Elaine

    • Thx Elaine. For the nice words on Hannah and the vote of support. You made me laugh! Hope all is well w your clan!!

  2. i cannot tell you how much my heart needed to hear that this morning. watching and listening to your beautiful hannah’s voice and piano hit right home. so glad and proud she is part of our future. what amazing talent!


  3. Wow. I mean, WOW! Both of those ladies are so very talented. And Hannah’s voice…amazing. I bet you don’t mind doing all the clean-up after dinner if your talented children are playing, singing, ‘jamming’ together. They inspire my children b/c whenever you post your children’s musical talents, I call my children to listen which is usually followed by my daughter grabbing her violin and my son sitting at the piano. Thanks for showing them ‘cool’ big kids enjoying the gifts God has given them and the fruits of their hard work.

    • Thanks christina! And…. She still has to take her turn at dish night! That’s just life in this house…. But we do like listening to her play and sing which is a nightly/daily occurance. Lucky me! Thx!

  4. Did you sob through that? I did. I would have even more if I’d be there, live and in person. That is a hugely favorite song in this house… I LOVE IT. I LOVE HER. Please tell her I’ll be her biggest fan and maybe she can sneak me into her band to sing backup??? PLEASE??? :). Thanks so much for sharing- AMAZING.


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