>Month of the Sacred Heart

>June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is an old devotion, a private devotion and one that helps any day, every, day be more mindful. Read all about it here. It helps transform our mundane regular daily grind into something bigger than ourselves – and instead offers our mere efforts to Christ as a way of showing we love Him, despite ourselves and our habitual selfish nature. And it’s not just this month, it can be done year ’round, of course.

When I make this offering in the morning, somehow it helps my days. It doesn’t make them smoother, it doesn’t make them all jolly…but it makes even those “terrible horrible no good very bad days” into something more. It’s a comfort. Oddly, I am often more out of sorts when I forget this prayer to start the day. It’s like resting my head on His chest for a moment before I hop on the whirlwind of the day and try to lasso it.

So, yeah, it’s another Catholic post. It’s an uber Catholic post, really. Meaning, it’s one that might seem strange to those not familiar with it all (though I don’t mind explaining or questions either, I can take it!). It’s one of those old Catholic devotions, but it’s a goody. And if any of you are having days that are way stressed or out of sorts, I’d suggest giving it a go if you wonder… because really, what’s the risk? A little comfort? A little extra grace in the day? What’s not to like about that?

2 thoughts on “>Month of the Sacred Heart

  1. >I don’t think it’s any different than protestant stuff though… definitely one of those common ground things between different types of Christianity. It’s looking to Jesus to start your day, and asking Him to help you through it, and praising Him, all in the same breath. Great post!!! Hope you are well! becca

  2. >Love this! We are also a Catholic family adopting through Gladney. Your blog has been such a beautiful source of comfort to us during this journey. Thank You! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Blessings to your beautiful family.Ryaneryanemurnaneatverizon dotnet


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