>Almost Wordless Wednesday

>Ok, I’m almost never wordless, as you have surely figured out by now. But this picture also cracks me up. It’s during that long flight to Addis from DC. I have much more to post on this trip, the actual travel of it. It’s just that the overwhelming emotions and tsunami of impressions and feelings have been first, of course. But I will be posting travel tips and experiences only because I know I was greedy for them before I went. So this, this not-at-all-wordless Wednesday picture is to let you know, there is more coming, as soon as I get a few more spare minutes! In the meantime, both for Addis and Egypt, Booboo will hold the promise for more.

>Worth a thousand words.

>Ok, I have to say that I have got to do a few posts about the Egypt part of our trip. Yup, that’s right, they went to Egypt in the middle of the Ethiopia trip. A long story. I’ll give you the shorter version, I’ll try, really. Not tonight. Tonight, I’m tired and heading to bed. But for now, I thought this might be worth a look. I love this picture, it just makes me smile every time! This is a image I never dreamed I’d see…who’da thunk it? My crew, on camels?! And they will rush to point out that the touristy photographer made them hold hands, but hey, I love it, clearly, he knew it was the shot to get! It’s a classic.