>How was your weekend?

>Ours was great! One of my big brother’s came to visit, with his family. Seems like a no big deal thing, right? Well, no. My family all have lived far from me for 13 years…ok I have lived far from them. Depends on your point of view, eh? BUT. Too far to get them to come here. So, when they do, it’s a big time! Now, this brother has happily moved closer, only a days drive away instead of three. Wahoo! So we had a big weekend and great fun!
First time for his kids to be on a boat and tube, so much fun, talk about a rush!

Nope, not drowning, swimming in the lake – it was HOT, people!
My big brother, his sweet wife and their littlest, affectionately known as “Sea monkey.”

A great time was had by all. And while it looks like all we did was swim and boat….in actuality all we did was eat! But isn’t that what you do when you have family visiting????