>Fresh Hair


As we all know, girls, it’s all about the hair!

Well, today both my nine year olds, Sbird and Divine Miss M, got their hair done. SBird got her locks freshened up and Miss M got cornrows for the summer season.


And Miss M did it without tears, which is a major coup for a girl who weeps when she sees a brush and wails at the sight of a comb – yes, now that is what we call MAJOR tenderheaded! Sbird, she’s great with hair and tough, always has been. So she’s an old pro at this. And no, I did not do this, I have the good sense to Miss Suzan Mattias do it – and she’s the best! It’s a big undertaking, thank you dear SallyO,
for having the energy and patience to sit there with them! You are a lifesaver! But as you can see, it’s worth the effort. Bananas and Sally O even made a cake, rasberry chocolate, YUM!

And this is what the boys do when the girls have a hair day…they hang out, playing guitar hero and the baby version of spoons.

3 thoughts on “>Fresh Hair

  1. >Wowzers!! …. Great post …. GREAT hair!! Fancy, smancy! And I thought I was doing good by freshening up Naomi’s twists today! Ha. 🙂 Gave Maleah a bath tonight and notice her hair is FINALLY growing. That cut at Gladney center put her behind. (shave rather) Oh well, sometimes must be done. Anyhoo! … always fun seeing what your family is up to … and is that Tariku seriously walking around?, or just look like it? Maleah will only stand alone all of about 3 seconds max ….. but man can that girl do this crawling at the speed of light thing. Seriously!, it’s crazy. So tell us … how long do the cornrows stay in now? and do you just leave ’em alone? or have to freshen them up? And have you ever shared the story with us of your two nine year olds? If so, I have missed it. We’re all ears! Please share.Take Care!!~Shelly


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