>California Dreaming


Is it a dream? Nope, we made it!

We are happily ensconsed in my big sister’s lovely home, my favorite guest room in the world (kids spread out all over). Our flight was late, Little Man had a hard time, he can’t sleep on planes either (like his mom) and got mega fussy. I ‘baby wrestled’ with a very wired Gabriel for about half the flight, then he threw up on me and felt good enough to fall asleep. The little girls both fell asleep I think before we were off the tarmac and slept until landing. And a 5 hour flight feels like a walk in the park compared to 17. So altogether a successful night, capped by late late night In N Out burgers (to the utter joy of my teen boys).

We are so happy to be here, it is so beautiful. They say it’s scorching here, but it’s not compared to home so we are delighted! My sister has taken all my girls and Little Man to her office and then shopping, clearly wanting to earn time off purgatory! (that’s a Catholic joke, sorry). I will meet her for lunch and earn some MORE time there for me (sorry, again, I can’t help it).

Otherwise I am hoping to meet with a dear old friend or two and just relish being here and being surrounded by my sister and nephews and bro in law. Life is good, we just don’t see each other nearly enough. In a few days, we hit the beach!

2 thoughts on “>California Dreaming

  1. >So! Does that mean I am getting time out of purgatory too!!!?? hahah. Just kidding. Tell MY little sister that I miss her very much! and an thinking about her! I cant WAIT To be in California!!! ONE MORE DAY!Tell everyone hello for me:-D

  2. >So you’re in California! Us too! I was just talking about you (and your post on your 46th birthday, which is a classic) to a friend over lunch today. We’ll be in L.A. (Eagle Rock area) until Saturday morning. Oh how cool it would be to meet you! (shhh…but you’re one of my heroes).

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