>Tennis tip


If you are going to play the championship grudge match of the Vacation Open…..don’t fill up on donuts before your game. I’m just saying………..
Photo source: newsimg.bbc.co.uk/…/_39245366_tennis203pa.jpg

4 thoughts on “>Tennis tip

  1. >Ooooh. It just doesn’t sound pretty. I have to agree with you on the amazing tennis in the Wimbeldon finals! It was very exciting to watch – and yay! for good sportspersonship!Rebecca

  2. >Rebecca, the wimbledon finals WAS AMAZING to watch! We all sat, rapt, and hooted and aaahhed, and oohhhed, and just couldn’t believe such a match. It was almost as exciting as our private Vacation Open, when I got a whole set off my son and was on the way to my own victory leap…..but then he wore me down. Darn donuts! A rematch on that one, BuddbyBug!I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing and watching tennis. The pic on this post is from me in my glory days! (kidding, hush Buddybug!).

  3. >Sounds like you and Buddybug had a grand game as well. It looks like a rematch might be in the works! Were you rooting for a particular player in the finals? I was hoping Federer might win, especially after the French Open match. But it was too good of a match to get tied up in loyalties. Amazing plays!Thanks for the tennis tip. A good lesson learned vicariously:).Rebecca


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