>Happy Dance

>We are doing the happy dance here.
Ok, I am.
Because I am wracking my morning foggy brain.
But I think…. I think……

Shhhh, I don’t want to say it too loud.
But, I think….Gabriel slept through the night!
Woohooo! Shhhhhhh.

He’s been waking like 4+ times a night since he got home.
More, if he sleeps in his crib in Little Man’s room that they will share.
So he’s sleeping in our room, in a porta crib.
So this would be the FIRST time ever, in our home at least.
He’s not a sleeper.

It’s a whole new world people!
If he does it again.

They are so sweet when they are sleeping aren’t they?
(ok, and this one, when he’s awake too!)

4 thoughts on “>Happy Dance

  1. >There is nothing like a sleeping child! There is nothing like a full nights sleep after a period of time when you have not been sleeping …. enjoy! I guess I should get use to interrupted sleep – but, oh so worth it.

  2. >I think he got caught up on like a year’s worth of sleep at the Gladney center … he was such a sleepy head there! Now that he has a FAMILY and adventure and a home … he’s just too busy and excited to sleep!! Ha. 🙂 But how I can relate to momma’s needing sleep!!!~Shelly

  3. >well, i will pray it happens again … we have been home over 8 months and we still don’t have a good sleeper on our hands … i am amazed that my body is starting to get used to it …


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