>Marathon news


photo from London Telegraph

Pope Benedict XVI has begun a marathon.

Our Pope -and many others, Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Protestant and Jew- is reading the entire bible in a seven day span. It is a marathon week. It is going out over the television and airwaves, across Italy and ultimately, to the world.

And for anyone who thinks that this is a mere trivial exercise, take a look at these pics and be reminded of the world presence this Pope has. These are from World Youth Day in Cologne, a few years back. Coffeedoc took Buddybug and Booboo and it was packed, over a million youth from around the world.

Now you’re talking multicultural!

The Anchoress has a good bit of the timely balm of these words. Like her, I don’t think it’s just a coincidence of timing. I think our Holy Father is a wise man and knows how to bring out the big guns.

This marathon reading then is transformed into a seven day prayer, participated in and shared by countless, throughout the world, just when we need it most. It’s a nervous time, worldwide. And instead of being worried about hitting rock bottom, we can remember to touch the foundation, the rock and stand back up again.


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