Well, it happened. I’ve been tagged, by Rebecca at Adoption Cubed, one of the blogs I stalk, erm, follow. And I wasn’t sure if I was gonna play, because I feel like a dork doing it and can’t believe that I won’t alienate what few readers I might have left. I mean, boring, eh? But then I felt like a child who picked up her marbles and stomped home. So, I may have lost my marbles, but here goes:

Odd facts about me:
1. I used to be a vaulter. Not a pole vaulter like the Olympics (c’mon…), but rather Horse Vaulting. Though horse vaulting was in the Olympics, ever so long ago! But when I was a kid I spent every Saturday morning and many afternoons, hanging around barns and rings, and lunging horses and then running beside them and then leaping onto their back. Once up, well, it was kind of like circus riding, but not so flashy. We did mild gymnastics up there. And it was scary and thrilling and hard and great fun. A little weird, not your standard kid sport, but I loved it. Man, that was a long time ago!

2. I have held many many jobs over the years, from the standard waitress (forever), to retail, to secretary, etc. But my most despised job was as a department store display gal. You’d think I would’ve loved it; it was supposedly artsy and creative and all. But no. It was numbing and just oddly dreadful. I didn’t last long there. Maybe because I hate shopping or maybe I knew, I would’ve lost too many brain cells. But I pay attention, still, to the displays and mannequins, let me tell ya!

3. I am a morning person. Totally and utterly, while my husband is totally and utterly a night owl. I cannot stay awake at night. I am like a shark, once I stop moving after evening falls (like at 3 pm), I die…ok, fall asleep. Always. (And I used to make fun of my dad for doing the same thing…shame on me!)

4. You know I am gray, almost totally anymore. But I started my first shock of gray when I was very young, maybe around 20. It shocked me. So, I did what any college art student would do: I dyed it, myself, for years. And years. Finally, I couldn’t keep up and didn’t want to anymore. So, around ten years ago, I stopped. Now you see what happened.

5. I am a compulsive book person. I love them. Everything about them; the physicalness of them, the look, smell, feel of them. I love having them, I love reading them. I am usually reading multiple books at one time. I have them stacked all over the house so I can grab one wherever I land for a time. I love best of all the potential of them – for me to learn something or love something, to get lost in one all over again.

6. One of the jobs I did like was as a computer graphic designer. I did graphics for computer games back in the dark ages when home computer games were just being developed. So: caveman graphics. And oddly enough, I was the designer on games that were flying simulation war games. ACK! What was I thinking? Well, it was a job. And all of you know, or should, that getting a job as an artist is a tough go. So, it paid the rent. But I liked it too, oddly enough and did well enough to have my little work win an award or two, way back when. We still have a copy or two stashed away somewhere, but of course no system can use them now. Nowadays the graphics on games are phenomenal, the graphics from back then are laughable in comparison. Not too dissimilar, really, from that old toy Light Bright, with the lighted pegs. But, it was state of the art at the time. The Amiga system, remember that?? And yeah, I realize I just dated myself (twice!). I ended up leaving though because I couldn’t live the corporate lifestyle for too too long, it wasn’t me. I ended up going back to grad school. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

7. I admit it: I love Coca Cola. I mean the real Coke. Classic Coke. I could drink it around the clock. My baby brother and I joke that it can be a monkey on our back. We have to quit it cold turkey. And so I switch to Coke Zero. But it’s just not the same. I could (and ok, have) take my morning vitamins with Coke, which just shows you what a bad example I am as a mother…..but well, I told you, it’s an issue.

Ok, so, now all that useless info that you really didn’t need to know. I get to tag people, randomly, so here goes:

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Whew, I’m glad that’s done and well, now you know, eh?

>Almost Wordless Wednesday


Today the pic is of Bananas.
I love this pic of her, a few years ago, with Little Man –
back when he was Little Baby.

But today I am posting for Bananas because yesterday she got braces put on.
And it hurts. A fair lot. So I’m not sure I’m gonna get many pics of her great grin for a little while. But I know it’s still in there. Just not today. So, today, I’m posting one to remember.