>Not Very Wordless Wednesday


So, this week, as you know, BuddyBug is home for fall break.
And we are all enjoying, relishing, the visit, of course.
I realized, again, yesterday that when he’s back there is just a lot of extra laughter and music through the house.
{And we made a pact to only where our college logo clothes! ok, kidding}
And I love this.
And I think it’s because we all get a glimpse of what’s important again:
being a Whole, present, family.
All together now.
And so we each find, in our own way, the time and way to mark these few days:
banging out songs, embarrassing ourselves on the tennis court, cooking, praying, laughing, jumping……(yes, even sending forth to Publix).
Even the smallest among us finds his own way to enjoy this time….
just try to pry him loose!