>Writer’s Block


No, not getting much done, lots of procrastination…
We are having writer’s block here.
The kids at least, in all different ways.

It is the Week O’ Book Reports in our little homeschool. Some public school have teacher ‘in-service’ days. We have “teaching in-service’ days where we do intensive focus on some hard stuff. Almost always: the dreaded book report. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth…..and the kids don’t like it much either. Ok, kidding, mostly. It’s a time of high drama and I remember how much I hated essays and reports until I learned that it is like a puzzle and let that whole perfectionist side go and realized that writing is editing (unless you’re blogging…kidding, mostly).

So we girls will hang in and keep plugging away at it; revamping those outlines and retyping those drafts, mom’s red pen at the ready. It might be a long week…
Turns out, we are not the only ones with writer’s block. Buddybug too, has writer’s block: songwriter’s block. Now, as the mama, I shouldn’t probably point out that he is in midterms and shouldn’t really be worrying about writer’s block…..ahem. But then again, as he and his roommate and pals have determined the source of his lack of lyrics:

Not too long ago, Steph and AJ figured out why I have this lyric problem.
It’s kind of a threefold reason: I’m not in love, I don’t hate anyone,
and I don’t spend my free time tripping on LSD.

I think I will be just grateful they are all so smart. It’s not much help for his sister’s this week, but gives me one more reason to be grateful for this great kid, erm, young man.
And I would post a link to his music, but it usually makes me tear up and also I can’t figure out how to do it and lastly, back to his writer’s block, I don’ t think I can post cover’s without copyright legal gobbledygook. So, it’s just pics. You can hum along tho’!

2 thoughts on “>Writer’s Block

  1. >I am so intimidated by the idea of home schooling my children. Now, one is a junior in high school. “I was never a particularly great writer, how could I possibly teach them to be, etc” You, on the other hand, are a beautiful writer. Are there great resources that could help moms like me teach writing? Even if it is not in a home school environment? Maybe it is not too late with my oldest!Good luck with the newest adoption!

  2. >Jen, thanks for the comment and compliment. However, writing is NOT easy and teaching it, for me at least, is not either. But there ARE amazing resources out there, for all the homeschool needs. It blows my mind, every time I start digging. But of course, the best, ever, resource for writing is Strunk & White's Elements of Style. And then, writing and rewriting and teaching your kids that writing is editing. (again, unless you are stealing moments to blog!) If you really want more info, you can always email me. Good luck, I have a junior too!


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