>Friday Fun: Toddler Style


We are finally getting a hint of words to come from young
Mister Gabriel Tariku!

We hear “Mama” “Hi” “Up” “uh-oh” “ba bye,”
possibly “shoe” “dog” and “J” for his brother.

Oh but he is coy!
Today he started saying “Uh-oh” and “Peeboo” (peekaboo, of course).
But never, never on demand.

This (above) is the face he makes when he knows you just heard him almost say a word,
but hey, you missed your chance and that’s breaks! Gotcha!

Great tease, this boy!

He is, of course, forgiven immediately for this game.
Look at him, how could you not?

But this afternoon’s fun has been taken up with the newest, best game of all:

On your mark.
Get set.

Every time, this means a collapse into giggles on the floor or my lap,
simply overcome with the thrilling glee of such a wild game…
then a swift recovery and back to the start line!

Yeah, life just doesn’t get a whole lot better ‘n that, for a toddler, don’t ya know!

4 thoughts on “>Friday Fun: Toddler Style

  1. >Wow, Gabe’s hair really is like Abe’s, though longer. I’d love to talk hair one of these days. I can’t seem to avoid making Abe cry during our once-a-week comb-outs. No fun.


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