>Spinning and hoping: process update


I am making all the children walk around like this, at all times: all fingers crossed.
Ok, kidding. That would be superstitious. And we as Catholics are not, or not supposed to be at any rate!

Our heads (and by that, I mean, mine) are spinning around here.
I feel somewhat like Lucy, Lucille Ball that is, on one of her wacky factory episodes…..just not quite ‘getting it.’ I should explain: in some ways going back for a second round of adopting internationally is much easier. However, in some ways it is harder in the sense of confusion.

As ever, the most formidable part of the whole paperchase process (for me at any rate) is the labyrinth that is commonly known as Immigration, Homeland Security, USCIS, or for those in the know (and by that, I mean “mired”): CIS.

Going back a second time would seem simple, but maybe not so much. And it is complicated (or not??) by having an approval that is still “open” and needing only an amendment. Because amending is uncommon, and CIS is a black hole. Almost impenetrable.

Allusions abound, images spinning through my mind as I wait for either a glimmer of info on where we stand, or a “Go”: Frodo’s quest, Lucy’s candy wrapping, or more, the Dreaded Fire Swamp or the Cliffs of Insanity. Maybe I need the Dread Pirate Roberts to be on our side!

It is not the kind of excruciating hard sadness that so many Gladney families have had to bear this past week. My heart still hurts for each of them. It is not the kind of unknowable ways of a foreign country, as Grace aptly puts it: TIE (this is Ethiopia – our ways are not yours, and we shouldn’t expect them to be). It is our own nation’s bureaucratic cogs a’spinning, or grinding and lurching.

So right now, I’ve been quieter on the blog as we have been spinning plates and keeping them all in the air…that delicate balance between hope and impatience. I’m trying (and commonly failing) to detach in faith and tend to real life as it continues to present itself in stubbed toes, book report drafts, grocery store runs, giggling small boys, staring contests, and listening to the house filled with music from a visiting son!

I know, dullsville. But some have asked about the chase, the paperchase, and well, this is how it goes. Probably every time, I am sure. I’m impatient. Forever. Most plates in the air, a few crashed to the ground and another then tossed back up. All fingers crossed, anyhow and hope springing eternal! Because that’s how the paperchase really plays out!

flikr photo by tpaddock

3 thoughts on “>Spinning and hoping: process update

  1. >I love you very much! It will happen, and when it does its going to be an AMAZING DAY! And I will be standing there ready to take charge! So you and Dr. Coffee can bring home the next member of the family!Love always and FOREVER,Sally O.

  2. >Keeping spinning plates balanced on thin sticks – a good image! It is a juggling act of emotions, focusing on the adoption paperwork and “real” life. Thanks for this pep talk. And thanks for the kind words in your brilliant insight. I will appreciate your prayers. It has been a rough week – although I don’t feel the need to climb up the Cliffs of Insanity quite yet.Thanks. I will continue to keep you and your wait in my thoughts and prayers.Rebecca


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