>Reminder: Month of Rosary


Photo thanks to Godzdogz

Just in the nick o’ time.
A reminder that it is still the month of the rosary.
Go to the ever great Godzdogz and read. Each member of the team is posting a bit on the rosary, and what it means to them. All good!

Here’s a snip:

I close my eyes and I reach for the beads. I squeeze the sharp edges of the Crucifix in the palm of my hands, as I try to remember once again what that means for me. The love that was poured out on that day was for me, and that love fills me. I kiss that symbol, I unite myself to that love, and I begin my journey with the Sign of the Cross.

This is a reminder to me as well. Too often, I let this practice fall away in the hustle and bustle (and my personal laziness) of life. But, it is a prayer that is a comfort each and every time, even the distracted ones. It is a prayer that transforms. These bits by the ever cool and thoughtful guys over at Godzdogz are worth reading, to remember and inspire.

Go read, pray.


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