>Works for me Wednesday

>Having a great babysitter who is like part of the family! A rare bird, indeed!

Miss Sally O, is our gal Friday! She is part babysitter, part big sis, all around helper around here. She is the one who I can always call on to hang with the kids, and not worry about them at all. She is old enough to be responsible and capable and have a good sensible head on her shoulders; but young enough to be high energy (a must!) and fun to be with!

People say, “How do you manage all those kids, and homeschool and run the house?” and so on. Well, with a little help of course!! There is no way to effectively be mom, homeschool, take kids to doctor appointments, cook, and well, just keep all those balls in the air, FOR ME, than with a little help. {I know there are so many moms who do manage this and so well. I am in awe of them. And I know my shortcomings and my limits! And so my gratitude kicked in and my pride went out the window on this issue, ages ago!} This dear girl makes me a better mom. I can focus on who needs me and what needs me as it arises, and be a better juggler with her extra set of hands for a couple of hours.

Of course, I’m not stupid and I realize the toll it takes on a gal…so I always worry a bit about her leaving for greener, quieter pastures. She is good enough to answer, today, at her own blog. {And yes, I realize it’s not gonna last forever, or long, she’s gonna graduate college, get an exciting job, find a great guy, get married…the list goes on and makes me happy for her and sad for us, but we’ll enjoy it while it lasts!}She’s part of our family, she’s my right hand gal, she’s the biggest “sis,” she’s Sally O! And we are grateful for her here!

3 thoughts on “>Works for me Wednesday

  1. >I hope I can find someone like Sally O. She sounds great! You are so lucky. I want to have more children, but think I’d go crazy w/ no extra help (my husband only does so much, but a lot more than others). Something like this is a very good idea to me–I am no wonder woman; I fall short.

  2. >Hey M… I have a thought, and I could be over-stepping my bounds (as usual)… but she already loves your family, and wants to be a part of your family… and your oldest son is pretty cute… hmmmmm….

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