>Happy Birthday Gabey Baby!


Happy Birthday Gabriel! You’re 2!!And I can’t think about your birthday without thinking about the first time we saw your face:

Yup, this was the referral picture, the very first one we saw of you and the one that stole our hearts forever. And the first thing your Dad said when he saw you (I was crying) was, “That’s my boy.”
We had to wait a bit to go and get you and bring you home. And even though it wasn’t that long compared to some, it felt like forever.

And then we met.

And over the past seven months we have learned so much about you and fallen deeper in love and laughter. We have seen you change from a stressed scared little toddler baby into big toddler who is no longer scared of much, who is busting out with words and just amazes us daily.
Here are some things you love, at two, though it’s only a partial list:
balls, to laugh, to eat, to cuddle, jumping on beds, balls, exploring everything, cake, shoes, taking things apart, kicking balls, drawing on everything with pens, basketball, baths, rice milk sippys, water bottles, cuddling for bedtime, music, dancing, jumping, tackle football with Little Man, wrestling, the dog, cuddling with mom, spicy food, football, singing, holding hands, trying to talk, making faces, cars, throwing balls, up, chocolate, climbing anything, outside, walks in the stroller, bouncing balls.
Here are a few things you don’t like, at two:
getting dressed, hats, dirty hands, meat, being told ‘no’, naptime, sitting quietly, changing diapers, being taken down from climbing, being put down, bundling up, going slow.
You shout for me, the moment you wake up: “Mom!” and I smile at the strong loud voice and the sureness of your call. I am so very grateful, to be your mom and to kiss you on your second birthday! I love it that your birthday is on Ethiopian Christmas, my second Christmas baby, but in your own unique way. God’s gift, again. Melkam Genna Ledata Tariku!

We all love you so very very much Gabriel, you bring such laughter and joy into this house.

God bless you on your second birthday.
Happy Happy Birthday Gabriel Tariku!

8 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday Gabey Baby!

  1. >Our sweet boys are exactly one year apart :). happy birthday gabey baby! (ps- that pregnant pic of me is very deceiving… it was a good angle… i swear my, ehem, rear end was bigger than a cow…)

  2. >Awww! Happy birthday little Gabriel! Wow–2 years old already! What a handsome little guy! Thank you so much for your encouraging posts! I love my little girls so much–they have brought so much joy and excitement into our home! And stress! (o: I need people like you to remind me that it will get better–and more normal!You are appreciated!

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