>Snowy winter week

>It’s been a cold snowy week here.
Now, where we live, pretty darn cold in winter is normal.
Snow and ice storms are not so much.
We usually only get a couple of good snows a year so it’s always a thrill.

It was so pretty and exciting to wake up to this:
For a two year old, snow and very cold is a whole new thing! “No!” Gabey calls, pointing with excitement. (To be carefully differentiated from his other very clear “no” for oh, many many things.)
Yesterday was one of our few official snow days, so the kids spent a good part of it looking like this: In and outside, bundled up, then shedding layers to drip on the mudroom floor.(Yeah, she does looks a tad cranky…it’s drag to take the boots on and off and on and pull the jacket on and off and hang it up again…..it’s a tough life when you’re ten, oh my!)
Later it started to look a lot more like this all around, after first ice then snow all morning.And I know for many of you, this is small potatoes, a mere dusting. But for us, its big news and a big white chilly fluffy thrill. Anyhow, it won’t last, but it’s so fun and pretty while it does that I had to post it, for the record.

7 thoughts on “>Snowy winter week

  1. >O.K. I’ll give it to you… this is a snow storm for you all. It’d be just a dusting here, but we know you all aren’t as ready for it as we are 🙂 My hubby said they got an inch in SC and schools were cancelled before it even started coming. He had to laugh because he was in MI for the week-end and we have well over a foot in our yard 🙂

  2. >I know I know…..I’ll take the hit, the teasing. It’s a thrill I tell you! I realize it’s not “real” snow. But for us, it’s big news! Nothing like the blizzards I drove through to work in Balto or school in Philly, I know (and THOSE were nothing like your snow in MI!). But still, this is big doings here. And really it IS so pretty that it makes my heart just lift w/ pure pleasure.So go ahead, laugh, I don’t care! 🙂 I’ll laugh w/ you and enjoy our snow dust! Love m

  3. >Ha!!!Yes, a mere dusting, but it IS beautiful. Glad your kids had a chance to enjoy a snow day. What a great mom to let up on the homeschooling and give them this break.Hope you are hanging in there well during the wait. On this end, well, we never really wanted to adopt under age 3. God has such a sense of humor.

  4. >I love watching it snow from inside the house! The pictures are beautiful!I’m with your ten year old…don’t like the coats and gloves and scarves and boots! Just give me a jacket and some flip flops!

  5. >Even a “light dusting” (as some say) can bring such beauty and calm to the scenery. I am glad you were able to bundle up and then bundle down, and then bundle up again and then bundle down again, and enjoy it. No snow for us. We did get showered with ice. Not quite so calm and beautiful. Thanks for letting us enjoy some of your beauty.Rebecca


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