>Sunday Snippets


Il Papa! Or, in my current effort: Abbat!!!
The Pope is going to Africa!

Well, ya just gotta love that! We are too (I hope)! Here is the lowdown:
In this morning’s dispatches, the Holy See rolled out the Pope’s program for his March visit to Cameroon and Angola — a seven day pilgrimage that’ll mark B16’s first journey to Africa.
Go to the excellent Whispers in the Loggia for the full article (h/t to this site).

Next snip: Of course, it’s Sunday, so Deacon’s got me thinking…here’s a snip:
“This week’s gospel tells us about Christ’s power over unclean spirits. They come in many shapes and forms – including, I think, the kind that took hold of Paul Wilkes.

They can overwhelm any of us, if we aren’t careful. They can come as jealousy, or self-indulgence, or arrogance, or neediness. They can make us spiritually bankrupt.
They are part of our broken, imperfect, wounded humanity.
And, as he did in the temple, Christ calls out to them – firmly, persistently, patiently.
Quiet, he says.
Come out. How can we not listen to that voice, that stirring in our hearts?

Boy this practically shouts to me. Because that’s what I need. Those words: “Quiet. Come out.” Come out of my instant selfish reactionary ways, my snap, my indulgence. Come out. Quiet.
There is a line in one of my favorite prayers: Anima Christi, that goes “keep me from the malicious enemy” and I think often that while in the night when I wake up from another nightmare I might think of the movie version of a malicious enemy (the devil himself), ever so much more often that very enemy is my own self. Me. My selfish little self-absorbed self. My own personal malicious enemy to the growth of my heart. ack. So this homily hit home for me today. Good stuff.
Go, read. It’s good and worth a slow Sunday thought or two.

Lastly, this is what I have to go do now: study. Working my way, at a glacial pace, through this text:

That and tutoring with Wayzaro Loula on Mondays, and working through TalkNow’s Amharic cd on the computer. You’d think I’d be chatting it up by now, wouldn’t ya?? Well, you’d be wrong. I can barely say hello. Sigh. So, back to work for me, no more procrastinating. Happy Sunday! dahna hun!

2 thoughts on “>Sunday Snippets

  1. >Um, you might think so, sounds good doesn’t it?…until you heard me try to speak or look at you blankly as you tried to talk to ME in Amharic. Sigh. I’m trying……I’m not making much progress. It’s hard and not a skill I’ve ever had….hey, I think my vocabulary is up to maybe ten whole words now. whoohoo. pitiful. just pitiful. (and no, I don’t know how to say that in Amharic either!)


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