>Happy Birthday Little Man!


Today is Little Man’s 5th Birthday!
He’s been waiting for this day for weeks and weeks, counting down.
Turning five is a big deal!

For us of course, we can’t believe he’s five already.
This is the picture of the day we met.
He was three months old. Yes, he was big even then, but oh so sweet!
He was the easiest baby we had ever had.
Maybe because we were older and could appreciate the blink of time that is that baby year.
But really, he was just a happy smiley baby boy.
Now he is a happy smiley big boy!
That sweet baby personality showed his true colors.
To this day he is funny and happy and loves to laugh and play and giggle.
He has a big temper, but he will be a big man and so he is learning that he must be gentle.
He has always moved fast.
A natural athlete from the get-go, he quickly moved from crawling to walking running jumping throwing climbing shooting hoops.
Nothing slows down this high energy boy!
He has friends and family (Uncle Rob!) that scold us for not already tracking him for his future pro-ball career, salivating over his athleticism. But we don’t care. We think it’s ok for him to be a little boy for a while and just play. That will all come soon enough.He is rough and tumble, all boy, and loves all his brothers, big and small.
He loves to wrestle with his brothers.
His brothers love to wrestle and tackle with him.
Flying tackles and wrestling through the kitchen is standard order in our house, no matter the age of the boys.
He is so smart, he soaks in his surroundings like a sponge, is learning his letters and numbers and asks the best questions. Sometimes his thoughtful pondering stumps me, and it makes me smile.Perhaps one of my favorite things, as his mom, is that Little Man talks me love songs.
He asks me, most days, what I want for my birthday, and what kind of cake?
Then he says he will give me many hugs and kisses for my birthday (my hearts desire) and also a coconut cake. With raspberries. He goes on to tell me the varying items he will bring or buy me. I just laugh and tell him all I want are hugs and kisses, but that I do like coconut cake. And we both grin at the deliciousness of it all.

When I asked him yesterday, what kind of cake he would like for me to make…he said, “Coconut.” And he grinned at me. And I hugged him and said, “No buddy, it’s your cake, pick your favorite.” So the decision was harder, because he likes all cakes (so far!). But we finally settled on vanilla, with cars on top. And so he will have it.So for the record:
His current five year old favorite things:
Superheroes, especially (see above) Spiderman!
Wrestling, tackling, running, racing.
Cars to zoom across the floor.
Eating, especially cookies.
Riding bikes.
Shooting hoops.
Lacrosse; sticks, balls, games.
Building things, legos, transformers.
Books, drawing, computer games.
His brothers.
Mom’s bedroom as a refuge from nightmares.
Staying up late and sleeping in (already!).
Happy fifth birthday Little Man.
We love you so much!
We hope all your birthday wishes come true!

4 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday Little Man!

  1. >Happy 5th to Little Man! It was fun to read about your little/big 5 year old and remember when my boys were that age…could that really be 8 and 11 years ago? Talk about energy!

  2. >Happy Birthday!I must say, I love your comment about just letting him be a little boy. I could write a whole post about it. My oldest girl was like this, and at 7, I had someone suggest we get her a personal trainer?!?! She does well now, captain of her soccer team etc… but she LOVES sports, and I can’t help feeling if we had pushed it at that age she would be burnt out by now.

  3. >Happy Birthday Little Man! You have the most wonderful smile! I hope you had a day full of activity, celebration, and vanilla cake flavored kisses!I loved the “Met You Day” picture!Rebecca


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