>Not so Wordless Wednesday: Praying for Court Edition

>This is the picture from this week’s monthly letter to our waiting daughter.
This having your kid across the world stuff is tough, strange, and trying.
It’s difficult to write these letters and to know what to say and how, to a young girl that you don’t know, really, but have tucked into your heart and head as your new daughter.
It’s odd. But cool too. So this is the pic from this month’s letter, out on Monday: her new mom (me) and her two new little sisters. We hope she likes it and that it makes her day like her letters make ours.

On another note, please pray today for court, for successful passing for five families who got the great surprise of their court dates being moved up again, after they had been cancelled and rescheduled into next month. What great news! Tomorrow is the big day {which in real time means tonight, once you factor in time diffs}: their new court date and I know they’d appreciate your prayers for a pass. They too are more than ready to go get their waiting kidletts. Go, see: the Clevingers, Sarah and Davis, Laura B, the Ivy’s, and the T.McG family (who doesn’t have a blog, but would still surely appreciate the prayers). The court dates are always nerve wracking, but we will pray for good news and peace. High hopes…

5 thoughts on “>Not so Wordless Wednesday: Praying for Court Edition

  1. >That is great news that the court dates were moved up! I hope and pray for lots of good news!I know your daughter will be blessed by the picture and letter. Our daughters already ‘knew’ us before we got there–it was great preparation for such a HUGE change in their lives!

  2. >I have a hard time knowing what to say in the monthly letters too, but I do enjoy having the opportunity to tell our boys how much we love them. Thanks so much for your prayers! We appreciate them so much.


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