>Leap of faith

>Ok, jumping in again….
Closing our eyes, holding our breath…
And buying tickets tonight (By which I mean, reticketing and paying a bundle more) for Addis.

July 4.
Embassy, July 8.
We hope.
We pray.
This is a blind faith ticketing…..no new news.
Just travel dates for first embassy appointment after the 8 weeks of sputum culture.

Please please, pray we travel then, and bring our Marta home.

22 thoughts on “>Leap of faith

  1. >Yes! You are diving in. Yes, I know the unknown, the fears are there, but you are diving in.Oh, and I LOVED yesterday's post and I agree, Marta is definitely sparkling and I agree it is because SHE IS NO LONGER AN ORPHAN, but yours. Yes, she is not with you yet, but she KNOWS!!!

  2. >We have a successful court hearing in two weeks – we will be traveling the same time you will! Actually, I think our embassy appointment is July 8th also. What are the odds?Have you attended Mass while in Addis? I would love to. Any suggestions?We are praying for you and your family!

  3. >Andrea,Thanks for the comment on my blog! And gosh, I hope we both travel then, as planned!!!! I will put you on my prayer list and might ask to be put on yours! As for Mass…I HAVE been to Mass in Addis. The easiest is what I did last time: there is a Catholic Church that holds Mass for the international community in different languages at different Mass times. I went to the english Mass, but it followed the Ethiopian. It was PACKED, overflowing (both of them) which was SO cool!! And of course, being the Mass, you can mostly follow along, no matter the language since it's the same, the world over (which also is one of THE coolest things in my book). I can't remember the name of the church, but the concierge of the Hilton told me when I was there trying to get some computer time (stayed in a guest house, will again). It's downtown. THis time we hope to be in lalibela on that Sunday, but it all still waits to be determined for final! Good luck to you and maybe we'll see each other, you never know! M

  4. >Hoping and praying and begging for Marta to come home! I say travel regardless (if you can) and raise hell over there until she comes home. Well, raise hell in a nice-culturally-respective way. 😉

  5. >Oooo! A faith purchase! I love it!I'll pray right now that you get to travel and have a wonderful July 4th celebration on the airplane!With love…

  6. >Tracey, I truly believe GOD is moving the hold-up out of the way. I truly believe no matter how crazy it or I may sound, that Marta's coming home soon. I am not willing to back off nor down from my faith in GOD that she is coming home through the process called, STANDING FAST ON FAITH!We are standing in agreement and in faith with you!!!!

  7. >Praying for this great leap of faith!!! This same problem just happened to a family in our agency that is suppose to travel with us on Saturday..They are so sad..I told her to contact you…She was all packed and ready and wham…no go!! tb was negative but xray looked "suspicious"…so sad, kj


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