>Summer Saturday

>While mom cleans and reorganizes some out of control closets (pantry!)…this is what kids do on a summer Saturday….
Compare toes, grin, squeal, holler, play, squabble, laugh and most of all, RUN far from where mom might grab them and put them to work!
We love summer.

5 thoughts on “>Summer Saturday

  1. >Looks like a lot more fun that what we were doing this morning: hanging outside lights and picking the last of the early peas from the garden!

  2. >I love summer. I love the sun, water, no schedule. Gabe is getting so big 🙂 I love the toes, too. Have a beautiful Sunday.

  3. >Oh, Gabe is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I think I love that age. And your other two running off, what beautiful, healthy, well-loved kids!Yeah, running away from mom, story of my life, but I am getting faster and faster at catching them….


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