>Dark into Light


It’s the “shortest”day of the year.  The least amount of daylight, the longest night.

And it’s perfect timing I’d say.   No only because today has been metaphorically a darker day – a slamming day filled with tantrums, sulks, and intensive parenting…but because it’s when I begin to crave the light when the dark is too long.  We are made for it.  I need it, on so many levels.  From the purely physical level of dismay,”Gosh how can it  be dark already?” to the mildy fussy blue overtone of my mood for the day.  I am craving more light, both inside and out. 

That, that craving, is really what Advent is all about, it’s what it’s made for.  So too, we are made for the light to come…in a few days.  Christmas is almost here, Advent is waning.  The dark night is long, and these last few days it’s nice to have that anticipation built in – even to our world’s own nature, and ours.

Yes.  I’m ready for Christmas.  Not ready, yet, for the details of the day….soon, soon.  But for the main event? You betcha.  I’m ready.  Today, the shortest day of the year, we get one big step closer to it.  Each day, a tiny incremental bit brighter, longer.  And then, it’s Christmas day and that Light only continues to lengthen and grow.  One of my favorite Christmas, or more accurately, Advent hymns is “O Come Emmanuel,” and now, just yesterday, does our Church begin to sing it…in anticipation. 
I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “>Dark into Light

  1. >Love your thoughts on life getting just a little brighter every day. This is perhaps one of my favorite days of the year. Because I am always suffering with so little light, this shortest day makes me feel hopeful, that there is a reason every day to feel that hope.


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