Sandro Chia, 1981

So.  Feeling a bit like Sisyphus.  By which I mean, I feel like I’m pushing a big boulder uphill; but without the great physique.  Maybe I’ve got a teeny bit of the determination.  But, yeah, the boulder….it’s big…and sliding.

Had first meeting today.  No door was shut in my face.  Yet.  But it surely wasn’t opened either.  Already numerous objections and concerns brought forth, and of the intangible variety.  The problem of other parents and reactions and ‘integrity’ of school.  The problem of funding resources on an official level.  Bureaucracy.  You all know how much we love that around here.  So, a little down this afternoon….but not out.  Because it’s not a ‘no’ until it’s a NO. Until then we will knock on doors and make the calls and examine the angles.

The blues of this though, is that is shouldn’t be this way.  If it’s a legal thing, maybe. If it’s a money thing, maybe.  But if it’s a ‘we haven’t done that’ thing, or a “people won’t like it” thing….then it makes us/me dig in.  Push.  Slip. Push.  Wait.  Push. 

For today I will wait; I trust that my concerns will be looked into.  But I’m cynical enough to think that it won’t be the answer I want.  But for the moment, I will try to wait a few days.  And hold that boulder steady.